• 5 Scrum Master practice tests (400 questions)

    Five mock tests with 80 questions each

  • Advanced Level of Scrum Master practice tests

    20 extra difficult questions to prepare for PSM 2 and similar SM certifications

  • Scrum Master mock exam

    80 randomly selected questions out of 400

This course includes:

  • Full lifetime access

  • Unlimited tries

  • Additional section with Advanced level SM practice tests

  • 420 unique questions

  • 6 practice tests and 1 exam simulator

  • List of questions and explanations

Scrum Master* practice tests on our site are the best opportunity for you to prepare for the real Scrum Master exam, the most popular Scrum Master exam in the world.
This Scrum Master exam simulator includes:

- 1 Scrum Master free assessment (40 questions) 

- 5 Scrum Master mock tests (400 questions) 

- 1 Section with Advanced level SM practice tests (20 questions)

- 1 Scrum Master mock exam (80 randomly selected questions out of 400) 

- List of all questions from Scrum Master practice test (400 questions) and explanations for questions

The passing score is 85%.  After each answer on practice tests, you'll receive the explanation on each question. The questions are very close to the ones in the actual exam. You will have life access for Scrum Master exam simulator.
This scrum master certification is the most meritorious certificate of all that certifies Scrum. Other certifications can easily be obtained by attending a scrum master training or through an exam where failing could only happen by intention. Scrum Master assessment requires a good knowledge of the original version of Scrum, and its passing requirements are high (85%). Such stringent criteria provide more teeth to its certificate than the other certifications provided in the marketplace.
Note: content on our site is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Scrum.org or any other organization

Note: Based on the Scrum Guide v2020 (Nov). Last update: 03.03.2023
Note: this course includes only the Scrum Master exam simulator, not the study material. Also, be aware, the questions on our site are close to the real exam but of course not exactly the same. 

Scrum Product Owner™, PSPO, PSPO I, PSPO 1, Professional Scrum Master™, PSM, PSM I, PSM 1, etc. is the protected brand of Scrum org.

Course curriculum

    1. Get full access to Scrum Master exam simulator

    1. Introduction to SM exam simulator

    2. Scrum Master free assessment - 40 questions with explanations

About this course

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  • Can I use the this exam simulator multiple times?

    Yes, of course, you can. After the purchase, you will have lifetime access to the simulator with no expiry date and without any limits.

  • Do you provide free or demo version of the simulator?

    Yes, sure. To get a free version (40 questions), just click to the button "Free preview" and you will have access to the simulator.

  • Are the questions in this simulator the same as in real exam?

    Of course no. Our questions are based on real Scrum practice and close to real questions, but not the same as in certification. However, after passing our practice tests you will be more confident in real exam

  • Do I need to install any software to get access to your courses?

    No, you don't. All our courses and simulators are available online without any software installation. The exam simulator is online and compatible with all major browsers and devices.

  • If I have a question, how can I contact you?

    Please feel free to contact us by email, by LinkedIn or Facebook, or by asking your question in our Scrum Questions section - https://www.volkerdon.com/pages/scrum-questions