PSPO 1 Exam tips

The rough break-up of knowledge areas tested in PSPO is provided below. The percentages discussed here are neither accurate quantification nor shared by These are normalized ranges that are based on the feedback that the Author collected from random PSPO takers:

• Scrum Framework and Scrum Theory: 25%

• Product Owner Roles and Responsibilities: 25%

• Product Backlog Management: 15% 

•  Cross-Functional and Self-Organization: 15%

• Maximizing the Value of the Product and the work of Developers: 10% 

•  Product Ownership in scaled Scrum: 5% 

•   Miscellaneous from Open Assessments in 5%

(Ali, Mohammed Musthafa Soukath. The Professional Scrum Product Owner: Guide to Pass PSPO 1 Certification (Kindle Locations 88-94). Kindle Edition.)

Also it is very important to remember: 

  • Being concentrated on the exam during preparation is equally important as that of studying. The question arises here is how to do this? It depends on you. How to remain concentrated? Take the exam in your comfort duration (e.g., avoid selecting morning shift exam if you’re not an early riser) and move to a silent place to take the exam.
  • Be careful with the words: sometimes you don’t pay enough attention to some of the words, and answer the simplest of questions incorrectly. Always read the question carefully, word by word. Also make sure you’ve read all the answer before choosing the desired one.
  • Be careful with questions containing “NOT”: some questions ask, for example, “which of the following is NOT a characteristic of…”, and many people forget about the “NOT”, and pick the wrong answer. You won’t believe how common this is; so, be careful not to miss this keyword.
  • Be careful with multiple answer questions: some questions ask you to choose multiple answers, and some people just don’t pay enough attention and pick one answer. All multiple answer questions use check-boxes instead of radio-buttons; get used to paying attention to this as a double check. It’s a good idea to spend a few minutes at the end of the exam, going through all the questions and only checking to see if you’ve picked multiple answers where you needed.
  • Be very attentive regarding questions about product value.

So, what is your action to prepare for this exam:

1 - Read the Scrum Guide and get really familiar with it. This is the primary source of all answers for the assessment. Read and thoroughly understand it. Read it several times. 

2 - Review the Agile glossary for quick definitions of key terms (take attention to Scrum terms)

3 - Read all other guides and free materials from Volkerdon Free Resources include EBVM, Agility Guide, MoSCOW technique, etc

4 - Search something which is really important for you and what you want to improve in Forum

5 - Try our Product Owner preparation course. There are a lot of explanation and 100 questions and it is free.

6 - Try our Product Owner exam simulator with 320 questions with detailed explanations and professional references for every question

PSPO 1 Exam Structure

• There are 80 total Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer and True/False questions. which make up the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO 1) exam

• Passing score: 85%

• Time limit: 60 minutes

• Only English language is available

• To pass exam you need (technically) only connected internet (and of course you have to pay for exam 200 USD) :)

Why PSPO 1 certificate? 

 As a leading framework of bringing agility in product development, Scrum continues to prove as an effective new way of working. This new way is rapidly making into many organizations, in particular, the software development divisions due to the transformational results it delivers. The central role in the Scrum Team is the Product Owner role whose responsibility is to maximize the value of the product and optimize the work of Developers. The likelihood of product success will be in jeopardy if the Product Owner doesn't fulfil the role as conceived by Scrum. So, there is an increasing need for the Product Owners and those who shape the product, to understand the full dimension of the Product Ownership in its original form and benchmark their learning. The most meritorious certificate of all that certify Scrum Product Owner, is the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) by In addition, here are the reasons to like this certificate. Here is the list:

• PSPO assessment requires good knowledge of original version of Scrum and its passing requirements are high (85%). Such stringent criteria to obtain the certification provides more teeth to its certificate than the other similar certifications provided in the marketplace

• It is administered by a company guided by Ken Schwaber, who is one of the founders of Scrum

• PSPO does not require any mandatory training courses

• Once you acquire the certificate, you do not need to renew. It is a certificate for lifetime

• The name will be added to's list of Professional Scrum Product Owner 1 in their website so anyone can verify your credentials

• There are no prerequisite qualifications for the assessment

(Ali, Mohammed Musthafa Soukath. The Professional Scrum Product Owner: Guide to Pass PSPO 1 Certification (Kindle Locations 45-64). Kindle Edition.)

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